Feeling sleepy after a marathon of continuous hacking? You are welcome to spend the night at the Campus. We intend to provide logistics and facilities e.g sleeping bags. A yoga mat could also be useful to give you extra comfort. Toilets and showers are available at the venue, so bring a towel and toiletries. We will provide food for you at regular intervals during the day, but there is also kitchenette on site to store any food that you bring.


You may bring your own hardware and devices for use during the hackathon. For example, you may want to bring laptops, breadboards, Arduinos, and cables. Don’t forget your power adaptors! Consider labelling your equipment in advance to avoid any mix-ups.  


You are free to come and go as you please, however we will be operating a strict code of conduct to ensure the safety of all participants. There will be a security presence at the Campus. The companies, venue, and organizers cannot take responsibility for loss or theft, so please make sure to look after your belongings. Seperate sleeping arrangements are made for ladies.